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Forter has developed a fully automated fraud-prevention platform that avoids a cumbersome verification process for customers

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Forter provides fully automated and highly accurate real-time fraud decisions, eliminating rules, scores and manual reviews. That's an instant approve or decline decision for every transaction, covered by a full fraud chargeback guarantee. We call it Decision as a ServiceĀ®. With Forter's exceptional accuracy, online merchants experience increased approvals, a smoother checkout experience, and the near elimination of false positives - meaning more sales and happier customers at a much lower cost. Full automation means scale is no longer a problem, even during the busiest of seasons. It removes the InfoSec risk that comes with a reliance on manual reviews and ensures that fraud prevention no longer creates delays on the fulfillment side. Since we charge only for what we approve and offer a chargeback guarantee, fraud management becomes a predictable item for Finance teams as well.

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New York, United States
United States
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Fraud Protection & Credit Analysis
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