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Andreas Koenig

General Management / Strategy

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Driven, resilient leader, with strategic clarity, intellectual rigor and the vital ability to drive change and transform businesses in highly competitive environments. Known for vision, innovation and solving complex, demanding challenges, making business critical decisions through sound judgement. Responds to changing market conditions with remarkable initiatives and programs. Achieved a strong track record of performance in turnaround and dynamic high-tech organizations. Capable to resolve multiple and complex issues and motivating staff to peak performance. Believes in team spirit and efforts to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. Recognized for superior interpersonal skills and personal integrity. Being able to scale from running a start-up company to a multi-billion $ organization.

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NOAH16 Berlin
NOAH15 London
NOAH16 London
NOAH17 London
NOAH19 Berlin

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Internet of Things
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Western Europe All, Northern Europe All, Southern Europe All, Central & Eastern Europe All,

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