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Juan Urdiales

General Management / Strategy

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Co-founder & Co-CEO


Juan Urdiales is a serial entrepreneur that started his first startup right after finishing his Law Degree and MBA. 3 years after he cofounded Jobandtalent with the aim of making the labor market much more efficient and fair for the 1.5Bn+ worldwide temporary forgotten workers. He loves to think in how things will be in 5 years time and “getting dirty” in operations to make it happen. Traveling, playing sports (not gym please!) and spending quality time with family & friends is what makes him happy. He is convinced in that his generation will benefit from an exponential life expectancy growth in the next 50 years due to the use of AI in health: "we will live for more than 200 years, so we really need to make a better world if we want to enjoy this long stay!".

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