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Jürgen Galler CEO and Co-Founder of the Swiss hightech startup 1plusX has a PhD in economics and social science with a focus on business IT. He has held various international management positions in his professional career and possesses extensive experience in the ICT sector. He was appointed Chief Strategy Officer of Swisscom and member of the Swisscom Group from 2012 to 2014. Before joining Swisscom, Jürgen Galler was in charge of the product management for Google Search and Consumer Products in Europe until 2009, before assuming responsibility for product management and engineering for YouTube EMEA. As Managing Director he played an instrumental role in setting up the Asian business of IDS Scheer, a provider of consulting services and software tools for business process management, in South Korea and Japan. This included working for over three years in Japan, before joining Bertelsmann in 2000 as Vice President of Lycos Europe and Managing Director of Social & Communication Products. In the latter role he worked in Germany and Spain.

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