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I am a highly motivated and eyes wide opened individual with a very clear passion for New Media, Tech Start-Up`s, E-Commerce and Events Marketing. Being fluent in five languages gives me the capacity of connecting with people around the globe. To me, economy and its transformation into majorly digital components is tremendously interesting and I see a major opportunity in taking advantage of those changes. I believe, that innovative publishing houses and digitally-concious brands are capable of evaluating these transformations and conduct productive projects such as Start-Up Acceleator Programms, innovative Ecommerce products and obviously cross-platform advertisments. Thanks to my entrepreunial spirit which gave me the opportunity of managing one of Germany`s first lifetslye pop-up stores in the afe of 20, gives me the ability to think in a economically profitable pattern and see profitable business opportunities very quickly. I am always looking for new contacts who are as passionate as I am. Design Thinking is something I truly admire and I would be very happy for contacts in that field.

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