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Marcus Tober studied computer science in Berlin. During his study he developed the well-known SEO platform in early 2005. At the same time he built the largest online greeting cards platform in Germany with millions of visitors every month. Because of his passion to SEO he decided to focus on Searchmetrics and its Enterprise SEO platform and sold the Ecards and more GmbH in 2008 to the largest European company builder Rocket Internet. Today Searchmetrics is a leader in Enterprise Search Analytics solutions with more than 140 employees and offices in Berlin, San Mateo, London and Paris. Searchmetrics mission is to deliver the knowledge and the platform to successfully increase companies organic and social search traffic. Companies like Siemens, ebay, Verizon, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, T-Mobile, Symantec and Lufthansa trust Searchmetrics.

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