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Omer Gorgulu

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Twin Science & Robotics

Co-Founder | Chief Growth Officer


Omer is the co-founder and chief growth officer of Twin Science & Robotics. Before founding Twin with other 3 founders, they joined Young Guru Academy (YGA) during university years. YGA is an NGO based in Turkey that aims to cultivate double-winged conscious and competent, leaders of the future. Omer worked more than 5000 hours voluntariliy at YGA, spent mostly around Turkey in disadvantaged schools executing science workshops to spread science around rural areas. Her moderated and coordinated science sessions with blind, orphan and refugee children as well as children who live in the villages. After graduation he worked at different YGA projects including; WeWALK, world’s smartest cane for the visually impaired My Dream Companion application, facilitating the lives of 180.000 people with disabilities PİRİ, making human world heritage sites accessible to everyone with Virtual Reality technology HydroSolar, Turkey’s first floating solar energy system mainly responsible for finance and strategy. Those projects brought many international awards to Turkey and YGA including, GSMA, Edison, UN, Forbes 30 under 30, MIT innovators under 35. He continued also to coordinate and manage the science project he was volunteered. At 2017 Twin Science came up as idea during those science workshops and become a start-up. Aside from spreading science to children, Omer is interested in development economics, nature sports, traveling and aviation.

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