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Or Offer is the Founder and CEO of SimilarWeb, the leading Competitive Intelligence Company based in Tel Aviv. Or Offer served three years as a combat soldier in the Israeli Special forces. Following his army service Or Offer founded SimilarWeb In parallel to his BA studies in Business at the age of 24. In 2009 SimilarWeb won the first edition of Seedcamp Israel, attracting the attention of international media and VCs. SimilarWeb started as websites recommendation technology that analyzes every website on the internet, which then grew to become SimilarWeb measurement platform in 2011. Today SimilarWeb raised more than $65M, and employs 300 employees around the world. Or Offer was also a founding partner at AfterDownload, a company that built the largest CPC platform to monetize the download funnel which was acquired by IronSource for $28M in 2013. In addition Or Offer is an active early-stage investor and an advisory board member at other high tech start-ups including MoonActive, and Spark Beyond.

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