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Gestalt Robotics

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Thomas studied Aerospace Engineering at the TU Dresden. While still a student, he joined EADS Astrium Space Transportation (now Ariane Group) in Ottobrunn in 2010 as a systems engineer and project manager. At this time, he was responsible for the production and flight qualification of the pressure control of the ARIANE 5 EPS (hypergolic upper stage) and thus contributed significantly to the success of ESA's ATV missions. In the design and development phase, he also assumed technical responsibility for the development of the Ariane 6 main stage fluid control equipment. In addition, Thomas led the project team of a German-Brazilian joint venture to develop an alcohol-powered upper-stage engine of the future Brazilian launch system. After six years with Airbus, he left the group in 2016 to co-found GESTALT Robotics GmbH in Berlin, where he has been managing partner ever since. GESTALT Robotics develops innovative software solutions at the interface of classic automation technology and artificial intelligence. It not only develops AI methods for robotic gripping of unknown objects, but also develops technologies for the application of mobile robotic systems in industrial environments.

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