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Tom Livne is the CEO and Co-Founder of Verbit, a provider of AI-powered transcription and captioning solutions based in Tel Aviv, Israel. An entrepreneur at heart, he possesses vast experience with every aspect of the tech startup lifecycle, including go-to-market, product strategy, marketing, and fundraising, with a particular emphasis on SaaS business models. Tom's background is especially strong in leadership and growth management, where he specializes in team building for high tech companies, helping them to expand globally. Before founding Verbit, Tom served as President & Co-founder of AppInsight Inc., a mobile application security startup. Prior to that, he served as an Associate at LeumiTech, where his responsibilities included deal sourcing as well as building a network among VCs, accelerators, incubators, industry experts and entrepreneurs. Tom is a graduate of IDC Herzliya, where he completed his Bachelor of Business Administration concurrently with is Bachelor and Masters of Laws, graduating cum laude from all. He completed his MBA at the Technion, with a focus on High Tech Management and Entrepreneurship. In his spare time he enjoys reading, chess, poker and travel.

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