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Yael Shafrir is GM, MENA and Eastern Europe, at Playbuzz. In this role, she oversees the regions’ editorial and commercial activities. Yael boasts a strong background in business development within the realm of digital media where she has utilized her past as a journalist and copywriter. Prior to her role at Playbuzz, Yael was VP of Business Development for Trendline Group where she focused on the company’s cross-media activity, using its digital assets to grow its tangible business. Before that she ran content and marketing for Vringo, a global video ringtones app that turned private ringtones in to commercial messaging. Beginning in the 90s, Yael had a key hand in creating a digital presence for notable brands in Israel, starting with establishing the first websites for major companies to defining content strategies through the early 2000s. She also developed content activities for banks, large investments houses and insurance companies.

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