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Our goal is to make managing and spending your money as frictionless as possible. Our platform allows you to exchange currencies at interbank rates, send money through your contacts and spend with a multi-currency Master Card©. All this is done at the touch of a button, in a beautiful mobile application.


N26 is The Mobile Bank. N26 has redesigned banking to make it simple, fast and contemporary. Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal founded the company in 2013 and launched the initial product in early 2015. ​Thanks to its fully digital business model, N26 operates on a much lower cost base with lean organisational structures, without IT legacies and without an expensive branch network. N26 passes on these cost benefits to its customers.


Built with over 11,000 Co-Founders, Tandem is a digital-only challenger bank that partners with its customers to build a better bank from scratch that meets the needs of everyday lives. By making money when its customers do, Tandem is a good bank focused on honest, fair and ethical banking.

Deposit Solutions

Founded in 2011 Deposit Solutions is a globally recognized FinTech company that is transforming the EUR 10 trillion savings deposit market in Europe to the benefit of people, healthy banks and society at large. Its ground-breaking Open Banking platform allows banks to gather retail deposits from across Europe without facing the need to build their own retail infrastructure. In addition, other banks who hold an excess of liquidity can release it by offering third-party savings deposit products to their own clients who can access them without having to open a new account at another bank. As a result, savers across Europe can access best in class savings offers through their home bank.


solarisBank offers banking services as building blocks to fintechs, digital companies and banks who want to build pioneering products in the finance and banking industry. With a unique banking-as-a-platform business model, solarisBank offers the financial, legal, and technological components needed to provide the experience modern customers demand.

Nikolay Storonsky

Founder & CEO

Already ~£600m saved by 2 million customers

CR: $336m

Valentin Stalf

Co-Founder & CEO

One of the most promising FinTech players challenging bricks and mortar banks, with 1 million customers

CR: $215m

Ricky Knox


The highest profile pure-play digital UK banking app

CR: $145m

Dr. Tim Sievers

CEO & Founder

Consumers have invested €9bn with this service to benefit from higher interest rates

CR: $144m

Dr. Roland Folz


A banking platform ready for the digital age

CR: $111m

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