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From data management to decision making. We create data insights to make online business measurably more successful.


1plusX is a data management and predictive marketing platform that creates anonymous user and object profiles with an innovative and holistic approach. By combining information from all channels and touchpoints, the software developed by 1plusX recognizes behavioral patterns that allow for real-time predictions for the use of content and the display of advertising. With these predictions, publishers, broadcasters and marketers can optimize their offerings. In doing so, they always retain their data, which are only used for the purposes of the respective company. The quality of the data profiles of 1plusX is regularly confirmed in independent audits. Since the company's founding with the support of Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann (ETH Zurich) and Joachim Schoss (founder of Scout24) – the Swiss-based company has been bundling expertise from a wide range of disciplines, which digital agencies, media and telecommunication companies already benefit from.

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Zürich, Switzerland
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Big Data & AI
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1plusX AG is a B2B technology company that provides solutions for publishers, marketers and agencies to better gather and compare data gained through their marketing on the web, and on devices like smart TVs. The solutions offered by 1plusX AG aim to make it possible to predict marketing effectiveness using AI driven data analysis, and other cutting edge techniques for things like customer profiling. Being able to derive answers from data can make or break the targeting of a campaign, and this is exactly what this company aims to address for its customers, who include some major names in marketing and media. 1plusX AG, based in Pfäffikon, Zurich, Switzerland, was founded in December 2014, and has operations based in the UK as well as Switzerland. The company has a global outreach and works with media companies all across Europe to help them improve their web marketing performance through smart use of data gathered across platforms. As of May 2019, 1plusX AG work with leading companies like Goldbach Group, Ad Meira, Media Impact, Axel Springer, Bild and M Advertise, and have had plenty of success in helping publishers, agencies and marketers better leverage their data to reach a wider audience.

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