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The B2B Managed Marketplace for Marketing Products and Services

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At 360, we believe that all small and medium-sized enterprises should have access to competitive prices when marketing their products and services – just as if they were large companies, and most importantly, without ever compromising quality. 360onlineprint or 360imprimir for the latin markets was born in September 2013. It was established as a B2B Managed Marketplace, based on technology resources designed to empower SMBs to further their businesses, by democratizing their access to personalized and customized products. Currently operating in 21 countries, 360 aims to be the world leader in marketing products and services for SMB's. With an end-to-end intelligent marketplace, factories, designers and proprietary technology merge to deliver this one-stop-shop. SMB's will be able to personalize all products at a disruptive pricing and convenience. Our business is based on the fabless model, meaning that we do not have our own production, harnessing the existing production capacity of our suppliers instead. We have access to a wide network of local partners, which allows us to secure a value proposition that is more cost effective than the ones from our competitors. In this context, 360 manages the bids submitted by the different partners, so that we always find the most competitive offer for each customer (best value for money). Furthermore, we guarantee short delivery times and very competitive logistic costs in each and every order.

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Torres Vedras, Portugal
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