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ADTELLIGENCE is an award winning German B2B software company that uses its sales platform to enable customers to personalize their customer experience and predict the next best action with machine learning and AI.

Company Overview

Adtelligence is a leading German software and technology company that uses its digital sales platform (SaaS) to enable customers to personalize their entire digital sales performance fully automatically with the help of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. And thus optimize it in a sustainable way to increase sales. While in the traditional online sales process static websites with the same content are always displayed to the customer, Adtelligence allows optimized websites to react in real time to the search criteria and individual (search) needs of the users, so that content is always highly personalized, i.e. constantly changing and adapted to the customer's needs. Adtelligence's digital sales platform works 100% strictly according to European and German data protection guidelines, can be used across industries and has already been used successfully by more than one hundred well-known companies since 2009, primarily from the retail banking, e-commerce, telephony and automotive sectors. The software developed by Adtelligence received the Technology Pioneer Award of the World Economic Forum in 2014 and received the "FAST 50 Rising Star"​ from Deloitte in 2015, an innovation award for the fastest-growing companies in the German technology sector that have positioned themselves in future-oriented technology fields. Adtelligence has been part of the German Silicon Valley Accelerator Program since 2013. This initiative, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, supports young German IT companies with high growth potential in expanding into the high-tech region of Silicon Valley.

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Mannheim, Germany
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Conversion/Testing Tools
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