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aiconix provides a tool to innovate content production processes and accelerate access to programmatic creation. One platform, that combines many AI Systems, liberates creatives from laborious tasks of indexing and extracting metadata from content.

Company Overview

aiconix focuses on on-line video optimization through the use of artificial intelligence. With the help of our software, aiconix can deliver important data analysis to creatives producing on-line videos. While a content producer creates a video, aiconix will provide the respective data about viewer perception and receptivity allowing for the assembly of an optimal video within a very short time. The use of more relevant content will engage users to watch the video longer, decrease bounce rate and maximize success rates for publishers and advertisers. The building block to the start-up’s vision is the consolidation of several AI providers, through only one API call. This platform allows aiconix to aggregate all available media content data while enriching it with our own analysis. As a result, we provide an optimized search and data management tool, which includes our own bespoke features and several indexation alternatives with always improving accuracy and granularity. Our insight is unique because we make use of our own trained neural network, that continuously learns to combine audiovisual content with user behavior and ultimately will be able to predict the success of a video. Our product operates in the cloud and the scope of work can be tailored to suit the individual professional or media houses working with their own data, as well as any customer collecting audiovisual data.

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Hamburg, Germany
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Edition June 2019

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