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Alpha recruits the very best minds committed to shaping a positive global future. Our pioneers chart new paths across unknown technology and business territories. We constantly push boundaries and think outside the norm to turn our creative visions into reality. The Alpha culture is built upon trust and empowerment, to lead and collaborate by thinking big and dreaming even bigger, all while maintaining high standards of rigor, honesty, and integrity. A lively spirit of play and exploration abounds, wherein all Alpha pioneers are challenged to remain curious, daring and unpredictable. Alpha pioneers learn to develop a close relationship with failure as a tool of empowerment. Big failures lead to big lessons. Quicker failures lead to faster learning and growth. At Alpha, failure isn't something to be ashamed of, but rather embraced as an essential tool for rapid progress. Failures that teach us important lessons are celebrated and become important lessons and components of the company and its culture.

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Barcelona, Spain
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