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Anzu is a new advertising ecosystem, using games to create meaningful connections between brands and people. It’s referred to as blended in-game advertising, where ads are integrated into the gameplay as part of the environment.

Company Overview

Gaming has gone mainstream, with more than 2B players worldwide of both genders, all age groups, and income levels. Anzu promises to transform Gaming and eSports into a premium advertising medium, enabling to reach gamers globally for the very first time. The platform is the access point for brands looking to join this massive cultural phenomenon – across multiple gaming environments, target groups, and territories. Now, brands can deploy recognized IAB formats directly into the gaming action on platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation and others. With the proprietary technology that also delivers brand safety and viewability, Anzu is a programmatic solution the industry has been long waiting for.

Primary Company Info

Berlin, Germany
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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