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The world's leading data-driven marketers trust AppsFlyer to measure, grow & protect their mobile business.


AppsFlyer's technology is found on 98 percent of the world's smartphones, making it the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics. Data-driven marketers trust AppsFlyer for independent measurement solutions and innovative tools to grow and protect their mobile business. AppsFlyer's platform processes billions of mobile actions every day, empowering app marketers and developers to maximize the return on their marketing investments. With Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap Inc., Tencent and 4,500+ other integrated partners, and clients including HBO, Waze, Alibaba, Skyscanner, Activision and 12,000+ leading brands worldwide, AppsFlyer has 15 global offices to support marketers everywhere.

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San Francisco, United States
United States
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Mobile Advertising/Engagement
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AppsFlyer is a market leader in mobile marketing analytics and attribution, with its technology found in around 98% of the smartphones in use in the world today. It aims to offer reliable, data-driven insights into mobile user behavior, processing billions of user actions per day. AppsFlyer is trusted by the biggest names in mobile business to provide what they need to make the right decisions on marketing spend. AppsFlyer is based in San Francisco, USA and was founded in 2012, and it is now the go-to attribution and analytics platform for big-name mobile brands, who include La Redoute, Telefonica, Game Circus,, Voot, Huuuge, Good Game, Adore Me, Sky Scanner, and SocialPoint. As of May 2019, AppsFlyer has over 4.6k marketing partners, which include huge global names in mobile app usage such as Facebook, Snapchat, Tencent, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, Baidu, Yahoo Japan, and Apple Search Ads. It has 15 offices worldwide in places including the USA, the UK, Thailand, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, India, Israel, South Korea, and China. It has raised 84 million USD from top tier venture capital partners including Goldman Sachs, Magma and T Capital Partners, and it measures around 18 billion USD in annual mobile app spend.

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