Arago is the leading artificial intelligence company that has maintained its start-up mentality for decades. Since being founded in 1995, Arago has been a pioneer in AI engineering. We are building an AI platform focused on the B2B sector using machine reasoning and analytical components to assist your efficiency and promote your innovation. Although being in an ever-changing high-tech environment, we operate without forgetting that solving big problems takes time, precision, and excellence. Arago’s solutions are built to automate enterprise IT and business operations to an extent not seen before. With our approach to intelligent IT and business operations automation, a machine with human problem-solving skills is taught by the experts, so the actual humans can turn their attention to moving innovation forward.Our focus is on giving people back the time they are currently spending in repetitive processes. If we can optimize technology — giving it the ability to learn continuously and make experiences, assumptions and predictions, and even act — we can improve life in society.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Big Data & AI
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NC Company Overview

Arago is a tech company specializing in artificial intelligence. Its proprietary platform, called HIRO (Human Intelligence Robotically Optimized) has a cutting-edge technological skillset that can use knowledge-based problem solving, logic and reasoning to create automated solutions for enterprise businesses. Arago and HIRO are powering insight and decision making for major brands all over the world and can offer unique approaches that help its customers innovate within their industries and gain a competitive advantage. Arago is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and NYC. It also has office locations in Bangalore, India, San Francisco, California and Exeter, UK. It was founded in 2014 by leading computer science expert Chris Boos. It has the backing of renowned global investment company KKR, who supported Arago’s expansion from Germany into the global market. As of May 2019, Arago is partnered with some major technology companies, including SAP and ZenSar. Its customers include big names with mission-critical IT systems, such as Lufthansa Teknik, UBS, Mphasis, FPT, CompuCom and NIIT Technologies. Arago has received industry accolades and awards such as being named a ‘Hidden Champion of the German Digital Economy’ by Capital in January 2018, and a ‘Leader in Intelligent IT Operations Automation’ by Everest Group in 2017.