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bettermarks has developed an adaptive learning system for maths so far for maths. The SaaS is currently covering grades 4 -11 (within K-12) in Spanish, English, Dutch and German. We are rolling out in countries of LatAm and Europe.


Bettermarks offers the next generation of learning and teaching material for schools. The adaptive courseware enables students to learn from their mistakes and supports teachers to manage diverse skill levels in the classroom. Bettermarks sells to school systems via established partners (e.g. education ministries, school book publishers) which are rolling out the service in their countries. In 2018 already 100m exercises have been performed by 200k students from Uruguay, Netherlands and Germany. Additionally moving to Argentina, Austria and South Africa this year. After several year of successful projects with innovative partners from the school systems bettermarks has scientifically proven efficacy, is scalable, established a business model and has developed a state of the art SW platform. Now that governments are starting to invest in the digitalization of their school systems, revenue starts to build up.

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Berlin, Germany
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Bettermarks is an online learning platform that teaches mathematics and is aimed at school-aged children. It offers a unique way to study and teach, with interactive math problems and full, detailed explanations available at every step of working out each answer. It has automatic marking which can help the student monitor their progress and it enables teachers to quickly and easily identify where students are having trouble, as well as provide the explanations to help them get to grips with math problems. Bettermarks, based in Berlin, Germany, was founded in 2008. It aims to improve the way mathematics is taught and learned all over the world and to offer a means to replace physical textbooks with more helpful, interactive tools for the classroom and home studying. As of May 2019, Bettermarks is available in German, Spanish, and English, and has over 100 fully interactive textbooks that teach mathematics subjects at primary and secondary school levels, with material appropriate for students aged from four to 16. It offers over 100k exercise questions with complete explanations and solutions, to help kids learn and understand key fundamental math topics. Bettermarks has a team of around 80 people, including teaching and technology experts.

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