Bexio is a Swiss-based company that helps small businesses with cloud-based business and accounting software to grow their businesses. It develops and sells accounting software for small and medium companies.

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Rapperswil, Switzerland
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NC Company Overview

Bexio, based in Rapperswil, Zurich, Switzerland, was founded in December 2013 as a B2B software company, serving small and medium sized enterprises. Its main product offerings are solutions for business governance and administration, including billing and project management. Its suite of products can offer automation that aims to streamline business processes, and simplify the overall management of end-to-end financial controls. Bexio, operating in areas like accounting, billing, CRM, enterprise software, SaaS, software and SME administration, provides managed solutions on a software as a service basis. This approach allows Bexio software users to access the suite from any computer, and also means that Bexio handle the hosting, maintenance, and any updates to the software. Clients can choose from different levels of subscription to the software service, and can choose to pay either monthly or annually for access. This allows flexibility in terms of enabling businesses to choose which features they require, and also makes it easy to scale up a subscription if the business expands and needs more employees to access the suite. The company provides full support and scalable systems to small to medium sized enterprises both within Switzerland and in wider Europe. Bexio has a client base of over 20,000 businesses.