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AI-powered content recommendation. No ads. Total transparency.

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Bibblio helps digital content businesses make the most of every page and grow sustainable revenue, whether that's through subscribers or ads. We make your audience more engaged with your pages by recirculating your best content as recommendations to them as they explore your site. Recommendations are delivered via API, or through our WordPress plugin, to customizable modules that sit on your pages, so they don't get ad-blocked. The benefit to your users is how much easier it is to discover great content. The benefit to you is increased engagement: higher dwell time and pages per session and reduced bounce rate, which means more subscribers, event sign-ups, ad views... However you monetize, we help.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Edition June 2019

The latest NOAH Bible is out! Featuring an update on our conferences and a valuation / industry KPI snapshot for:

  • Company valuation work
  • Peer group analysis
  • Industry KPI benchmarking
  • Financial analysis