Company Overview

BigRep is a German industrial 3D printer manufacturing company based in Berlin with offices in Boston, New York and Singapore, which develops one of the world's largest 3D printers. One of the groundbreaking developments of the company is the BigRep ONE industrial 3D printer with a volume of one cubic meter, which won the German Design Award in 2016. It is supplemented by the smaller BigRep STUDIO which was the winner of a German Innovation Award in 2018. The BigRep team is comprised of more than 90 employees from over 26 countries. In addition, BigRep’s global reseller and service network has grown substantially and is continually expanding, with many new locations and service points opening in the USA, EMEA, APAC and worldwide. At the forefront of BigRep’s endeavors in innovation and new technologies is NOWlab. The facility’s significant research into advanced industrial applications and new materials plays a vital role in maintaining BigRep’s role as a technology leader in the field of additive manufacturing. BigRep’s “applications first” approach is a key driver in its efforts to optimize the range of materials and machines to meet existing industrial and manufacturing needs. In addition to new products, BigRep is now concentrating on complete solutions for industrial customers in the form of integrated additive manufacturing systems.

Primary Company Info

, Germany
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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