Company Overview

Bloomberg is a leading business intelligence company with a portfolio of businesses founded upon rich data, information and insight into global business and finance. Bloomberg Media Group is the consumer-facing media division of Bloomberg L.P. reaching a premium audience of over 80 million business professionals and decision-makers around the world. Powered by unmatched global news, analysis and data superiority, Bloomberg Media Group delivers a trusted suite of content, products and strategic marketing services that connect audiences and partners to ideas and intelligence across every platform – digital, TV, radio, print, and live events. Together, these assets provide Bloomberg Media Group a completely differentiated platform upon which to build.

Backed by Engineers
Among our more than 5,000 software engineers, Bloomberg Media’s engineering team supports, consumer mobile applications, and systems that deliver marketing-moving news, data, audio and video to consumers and syndication partners. Algorithms curate content to create a personalized experience for users who access content directly via the web or our mobile app. Our OTT offering is available across Roku, Apple TV, Google TV and Samsung Smart TVs. We were one of the first media companies to offer OTT on Amazon Fire TV and the first to partner with Amazon on an Alexa Skill.

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