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BYTON's subsidiary, BYTON Mobility, is developing a service to help people on the move to spend time usefully while going from A to B by offering personalized, value-adding in-car digital services that are funding the trip.

Company Overview

When asked about the hassles and pain points associated with mobility, most people will answer: losing time. BYTON Mobility will be a premium ride-hailing service, the equivalent of first-class and business-class air travel experience in surface mobility. This is not all. BYTON Mobility users will book an opportunity to make their time on the move productive. Primarily, it will be a personalized digital service, provided in the vehicle during the ride, specific to the user’s situation, individually catered for his or her schedule and mood. The unique connectivity and digital user interface of BYTON cars used allows customers to seamlessly continue their digital lifestyle from outside the car to inside the car. Due to the different nature, business dynamics, and maturity, BYTON is aiming to bring its mobility service ideas to implementations through a separate legal entity. BYTON is inviting outside seed funding for this new entity. BYTON aims to create a premium brand rooted in China with global reach. Headquartered in Nanjing, China, which is also home to its intelligent manufacturing base and one of its R&D centers, its North American headquarters in Silicon Valley is focused on developing cutting-edge technologies for applications across the intelligent car user experience and autonomous driving. A European R&D center is based in Munich, Germany, and is responsible for design. BYTON aspires to build premium, intelligent electric vehicles for the future. Its crafted cars integrate advanced digital technologies to offer customers a smart, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly driving experience. Its first model, the BYTON M-Byte, is a premium, smart, mid-sized electric SUV that is expected to hit the market by the end of 2019. BYTON Mobility will provide users all advantages of BYTON vehicles: comfort, safety, connectivity, digital service environment, and personalization possibilities – just without having to own a BYTON.

Primary Company Info

Nanjing, China
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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