Cannamedical® Pharma GmbH has a pharmaceutical wholesale licence in accordance with 52a of the Medicines Act (AMG) and a permit to handle narcotics in accordance with § 3 of the Act on Narcotics (BtMG). As an independent German cannabis wholesaler we cooperate with several selected international producers. Our independence guarantees a qualitatively and quantitatively unique range of medical cannabis on the German market. In addition to our independence we were also one of the first companies that received the license to import cannabis to Europe.

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Köln, Germany
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NC Company Overview

Cannamedical Pharma is a leading European wholesale company that provides cannabis-related products for medicinal use. The company is licensed to handle cannabis and its derivatives and has stringent, legally compliant quality control in place to ensure safe, standardized products. Cannamedical Pharma imports medical quality cannabis from countries including the Netherlands, Canada, and Australia for wholesale use. Cannabis-related healthcare products are a big growth sector in the healthcare industry as the drug becomes legal for medicinal use in more parts of the world, and demand for regulated, quality-controlled product increases as a result. Cannamedical Pharma prides itself in offering an excellent level of customer care to the pharmacies it distributes its medical cannabis products to, with an expert team available for support by phone or email. The company also provides an online ordering service so that those registered and licensed to sell medical use cannabis can order easily after logging in to the website. Cannamedical Pharma, based in Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, was founded by David Henn in 2016. It is a member of the BPI and is certified as a GDP (Good Distribution Practice) wholesaler. As of May 2019, Cannamedical Pharma is distributing its products to over 2.2k pharmacies.