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Catana Capital

Catana Capital is a quantitative asset manager running a revolutionary new type of investment strategy that invests based on independent trading signals generated from Big Data analysis, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Company Overview

Catana Capital offers innovative quantitative asset management based on a unique combination of data, experience and modern technology. Several hundred thousands of relevant news, articles, research as well as user generated content like blogs and tweets are analysed per day in real-time 24/7 via natural language processing and transferred into unique predictive trading signals. We believe that markets are driven by people, thus we use Big Data and A.I. to measure opinions of individual investors around the world. Using natural language processing, the algorithms process data in form of articles, news, comments, tweets and other user generated content. Traditional investors are not able to process all the information that is published online. The A.I.-based algorithms can extract information out of more than two million texts per day. The collected data draws a broad picture of the sentiment of individual investors giving us useful information about future trends and upcoming risks in the markets. Based on this information the algorithm forecasts future price movements and adjusts the trading strategy accordingly. Our aim is to develop the company from Germany’s best FinTech at an early stage in 2017 to a renowned international asset management company that affects the way of how people think about their investments in the future. We have developed a pipeline of innovative products based on Big Data analysis and A.I. algorithms which we will bring to market one by one. Being an independent and BaFin-regulated financial institution and FinTech company, we provide our clients a modern and digital-based investment opportunity that keeps pace with the times while traditional banks and asset managers lag behind in terms of technological progress and innovation. All Catana Capital services are accessible for both institutional and retail investors.

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