Company Overview

CI Hub delivers automated creation of marketing materials with the highest standards of brand experience and compliance. CI Hub delivers a micro service that can be integrated into any marketing application and in the long term will replace manual labor in agencies for adaption and transcreation. The smart and intelligent solution from CI Hub gives every user the opportunity to create professional communication in no time at all. The user does not have to switch to a special tool, but simply uses the applications with which he already uses. The CI Hub solution can easily be integrated into all existing marketing tools as a micro service. The CI is automatically preserved, while veriations are generated automatically. Consequently, marketing managers who want to save money caused by manual adaptations and approvals will love CI Hub. Another benefit of the CI Hub micro service is that software vendors no longer have to worry about brand and content compliance when integrating the service.

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Potsdam, Germany
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Edition June 2019

The latest NOAH Bible is out! Featuring an update on our conferences and a valuation / industry KPI snapshot for:

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