CityBee is a new concept of personal mobility in urban areas, it is a shared mobility service (cars, bikes, electic kick-scooters) designed to reduce pollution in cities and facilitate all your travels. It's sexy, stylish and economically clever way to move around the city. You pay only for the time using and mileage. We take care of fuel, insurance and car maintenance. Since 2013 CityBee has been promoting car and bike sharing culture in Lithuania - our home market. We had gone through lots of trials and challenges to design a working and replicable business model in such a booming industry of sharing economy. Currently CityBee operates in five countries: Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Spain. Our current fleet consists of over 4000 branded vehicles. CityBee car sharing was founded by Modus Group, Netherland capital based group of companies investing in automotive, renewable energy, service and real estate industries in Baltics region, Eastern Europe, Spain and Italy.

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Vilnius, Lithuania
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NC Company Overview

CityBee is a car and bicycle sharing service for consumers in urban areas of Lithuania. It uses a subscription model whereby subscribers can take a car or bicycle from locations around the cities CityBee operates in and pay by time and distance traveled. The customer doesn’t have to worry about fuel, insurance or car maintenance, making it an economic model for users. CityBee, like other car-sharing services, which have become a growing trend worldwide, offers a greener alternative to car ownership and also helps reduce congestion and pollution in cities. The bike sharing services also offered by CityBee allow users to travel in a healthy and environmentally friendly way with the flexibility of being able to find and park the bikes in locations all over the city, making this a good option for commuters. CityBee, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, was founded by the Netherlands-based capital group Modus, in 2012. The Modus Group focuses on companies that are involved with renewable energy and green transportation solutions, and CityBee was started to bring the vehicle sharing culture that is growing all over Europe to Lithuania. As of April 2019, CityBee car and bike sharing services are available in Vilnius and Kaunas, and the company has a fleet of over 500 CityBee branded cars and 150 bikes.