Cluno is a completely new mobility concept with which you can always drive "your" car - as long as you want, as flexible as you want and at a fixed monthly package price that includes everything except fueling. Really everything!

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Munich, Germany
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NC Company Overview

Cluno is a car sharing subscription service that offers a different take on the concept of subscription personal transport models. Where many car-sharing services are based on members picking up any available car the service owns in their city and paying for their mileage and distance, Cluno allows people to access an all-inclusive rental package where they get exclusive use of the car they want for a minimum period of six months, with the insurance, tax, maintenance, tires, and other costs all included in a monthly fee. The user, therefore, only has to pay for gas, and of course, other day-to-day costs such as parking fees. Cluno offers a wide wide range of different vehicles from popular car manufacturers like Opel, Ford, Kia, Citroen, and Toyota, with monthly tariffs for different sizes and styles of car. Cluno, based in Munich, Bayern, Germany, offers customers an easy way to manage their car subscription using their app. They also provide drop off and pick up of the car when the contract begins and ends, to make things more convenient for the end user. The service also provides full support to resolve any issues should there be a problem with the car.