Concardis is one of Europe’s leading payment services providers. With over 30 years’ experience in payment processing, the company offers intelligent solutions to meet all the requirements of modern cashless payment processes. The service accepts payments made with all major credit and debit cards, and includes card terminals and contactless payment processes for face-to-face retailers, innovative solutions for e-commerce and m-commerce as well as support in the form of customer management.

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Eschborn, Germany
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NC Company Overview

Concardis is a technology company that offers solutions for both online and bricks and mortar retailers and merchants, that enable them to accept cashless payments. Their solutions can be used for full point of sale services, including things like processing contactless payments, and for accepting payments via mobile payment options offered on some smartphones. They are used by merchants in a wide range of industries, including restaurants, hotels, workshops, salons, shops of all sizes, and e-commerce stores. Concardis is a payment institution that has full authorization from the German federal financial supervisory body BaFin and offers services and solutions to companies across many parts of Europe. Concardis, based in Eschborn, Hessen, Germany, has over 30 years of experience in financial processing for cashless payments and is partnered with some of the biggest banks and financial services brands in Germany. As of May 2019, Concardis solutions have been implemented in the Benelux region, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for several years, and the company is now expanding its outreach into other countries in mainland Europe, offering the same comprehensive card acceptance solutions to new markets. Concardis solutions currently handle transactions at over 400k points of sale, in both physical businesses and online.