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We provide founders with a smart and quick way to fund the growth of their business.

Company Overview

ConsciousGrowth is the first European provider of Revenue-Based Financing for scale-ups wanting to access smart financing to fund the growth of their business. This is a ~$4.5B market, with more than 25,000 European companies with healthy unit economics and yet little access to capital. At ConsciousGrowth, we help founders scale their companies by providing them with fast and affordable capital. Founders can apply in 5 minutes, connecting their sales, marketing and bank accounts via API, and receive a funding offer in as little as 24h. We simply agree on a percentage of future revenue that goes back to us, until the capital plus a fixed fee is paid back. The advantages for founders are clear. By funding their company with ConsciousGrowth, they get to retain ownership and control of their company. We don’t ask for equity, personal guarantees or credit scores. They receive a funding offer and have the money available within as little as 2 days. Finally, repayments are fluctuating with revenue, which means if the company revenue goes down, our repayments also goes down. In the longer-term, we want to become a trusted partners to founders by providing them with extra support like marketing advisory, access to network of selected B2B partners, and the likes.

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Berlin, Germany
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