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Coral Drowning Detection Systems

Coral Manta 3000 is the world’s first AI-based drowning detection system for residential pools

Company Overview

Coral Manta 3000 is the world’s first computer vision-based drowning detection system for residential pools. Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of injury / death among children aged 1-14 in the US, and the 3rd leading cause of injury / death worldwide, with 86% of drowning incidents occurring in residential pools. Preventive measures like fences, supervision or alarms are widely available – but drowning incidents still occur whether because these measures fail to prevent unsupervised access to the pool, or because access to the pool was authorized and these means were disabled/deactivated/opened Coral Manta 3000 provides 24/7 active drowning detection. It is trained to detect people under the water, does not need to be deactivated during normal use, and alerts on any potential risk of drowning. Having studied numerous drowning incidents, and with a mission to save lives from this extremely avoidable tragedy, the team at Coral has dedicated itself to developing the most advanced technology for drowning detection to suit residential pools owners (both pricewise and implementation-wise). The residential pool market is huge, expected to reach nearly 40M pools by 2022. However, residential pool drowning is a massively growing problem as well. 86% of all drowning incidents occur in private pools, accounting for the 3rd globally leading cause of injury/death among children aged 1-18. A reliable, always-on, technology driven solution is a MUST, and Coral brings all this technology innovation to private pool owners all around the world, helping to enhance practice of water safety and saving lives every day. Furthermore, Coral Manta 3000 is utilizing the latest AI algorithms and hardware – which enables its detection rates to outperform any other system, and therefore, Coral Manta 3000 is indeed a game changer in preventing the tragedies of drowning.

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