corrux is an industrial data analytics company, developing solutions that leverage big data to prioritize efficiency and equipment maintenance for the heavy civil industry. Our solutions achieve guaranteed outcomes and maximize uptime through predictive and condition-based monitoring.

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Munich, Germany
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NC Company Overview

Corrux is a technology company that focuses on offering comprehensive equipment analytics solutions to the construction industry. Corrux technology allows for monitoring of the whole fleet of industrial machinery used on a site and gives users powerful insights into where processes can be streamlined and made more efficient, as well as allowing them to identify and react to faults in equipment far faster. Corrux aims to provide a great user experience and make the insights it provides easy for the user to both understand and make decisions based on. Corrux can also give construction managers on site powerful analytics that can identify potential faults and issues before they happen, helping users to be proactive and prevent costly problems. Corrux, based in Munich, Germany, aims to become a major innovator in terms of how construction machinery is perceived and used by companies worldwide. It has attracted venture capital investment of over 3.1 million USD and is a rapidly growing business staffed by experts in connected technologies, engineering, and the construction industry itself, allowing it to lead its market. As of May 2019, Corrux has been voted the best startup in the Internet of Things category by LSP Digital in 2018.

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