Private online workspace where VC’s and founders get deals done


Dealroom is the new way for investors and tech companies to connect and share data. We operate across all investment stages, from seed stage to late growth stage. Dealroom enables investors to track every move of target companies and await the right moment to step in. Entrepreneurs will be able to take control of incoming investment interest more efficiently, and use Dealroom as their official channel for sending information to potential future investors.

Platform Product Overview

• Dealroom partially automates the venture capital intermediation
process, making it cheaper, faster and more efficient
• Investors and founders can share data directly, creating an
unprecedented level of transparency in the deal making process
• Tracking and news update services allow market participants to
keep on top of news and events involving their industry and related

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London, UK
United Kingdom
October 2013, Yoram Wijngaarde, Amsterdam
Information Services

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Yoram Wijngaarde
Founder & CEO