Deezer is the world’s most diverse, dynamic and personal global music streaming company and includes a unique personalisation model, Flow. Deezer connects over 10 million active users around the world to over 43 million tracks. Available in more than 180 countries worldwide, Deezer gives instant access to the largest and most diverse global music streaming catalog on any device.

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Paris, France
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NC Company Overview

Deezer is a music service with a range of subscription models, which allows people to stream and download tracks from a massive library. There is a free version of the Deezer service which is ad-supported and does not allow for downloads, or Premium and Family options that offer a full, unlimited service with no intrusive ads. Deezer offers a unique listening service called Flow, which mixes the user’s favorite music in with new recommendations based on the things they like, creating one endless, constantly changing playlist that can introduce the user to new favorites and which removes the need for setting up a playlist for a listening session. Deezer, based in Paris, France, has a global outreach and is available for users all over the world. It was founded as a company in July 2006 and has grown in popularity as the use of streaming services and mobile media devices have become mainstream. Deezer, as of April 2019, has over 12 million active users using the service on a wide range of devices. It is available in over 180 countries around the world, and has over 53 million tracks for people to stream, with new music being added constantly.

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