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Deutsche Handelsbank

The bank for digital startups and growth companies. Providing Growth Financing and BaaS to fast growing companies with proven business model from Series A onwards. Helping already over 150 Scale-ups to lever their business with loans starting from 500k.

Company Overview

Deutsche Handelsbank is a specialised bank for digital startups and growth companies. We are deeply rooted in the technology startup ecosystem and dedicated to connecting and partnering with innovative technology companies, venture capital investors and domain experts. We accompany startups and digital growth companies along their way with growth financing, working capital, banking-as-a-service and factoring solutions. Our target group is in particular, we consider SaaS (Software as a Service, (AdTech, MarTech,…)), e-commerce, Internet of Things (IoT), InsurTech, FinTech, PropTech, Mobility, and all other innovative businesses with growth potential as our core markets. Our product offering ranges from flexible overdraft facilities to cover short-term refinancing needs, to fixed-term loans and repayment agreements to finance growth, corporate acquisitions or buy-outs - all that, for example, as an investment outside of the business plan. - We start with debt from Series A and want to accompany the company as long as possible (growth, Exit, IPO) = We have no fixed duration of our loans. - We start from EUR 500k until currently 10mn with our credit lines. - Fast growing companies do not need to be profitable. In fact that´s why they have investors and they accept dilution. But we want to see a proof of concept of the business model – and a liquidity/cash run of over 12 month remaining. - We look beside the banking standard on KPIs like CaC, CLV, MRR/ APR, Churn, Margins, Burn vs. Liquidity depending on the business plan. - Proof of Concept start from a MRR of > 100k, depending of the business model (e.g. Ecommerce) it also can be > 5 mn.

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Munich, Germany
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