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Diet Doctor

We empower people everywhere to dramatically improve their health.

Company Overview

Diet Doctor is a health company that provides: - trustworthy information (400+ inhouse videos and world class health guides) - innovative tools (meal planner, mobile app) - inspiration (600+ success stories) - recipes (900+ and 100+ meal plans) - resources for hundreds of dedicated doctors Everything to let people start and sustain a low carbohydrate lifestyle. We have become the biggest low-carb site in the world and ranking in the top 10 health sites with 12M + visitors/month, 1.5M newsletter subscribers, 900k+ keto challenges taken, 860K + social media followers. All of this with: - no raised capital - no ad spend (all SEO driven) - no industry money - no ads - no products sold Our only stream of revenue comes from our paying members through a freemium business model. This has yielded 65k + (growing at 76% yearly) paying members so far.

Primary Company Info

Stockholm, Sweden
Year Founded: