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Dogo is the first dog training app offering personal feedback through video exams. Users can train individually or compete in weekly challenges and exchange tips with other dog parents.

Company Overview

Dogo's core business is dog training. The app offers over 70 different commands to teach and monitors user's progress via video exam. When users want to level up, they have to submit a video exam that is individually reviewed by dog trainers. This way users receive individual feedback on how to improve. A few months ago Dogo launched first social features - photo challenges, where users compete weekly on different themes. The feature really picked off and we receive almost 10 million unique photo/views monthly. Dog parents engage actively in the Dogo community, creating discussions and supporting each other. Our business model is freemium with subscriptions. At the beginning of 2019, we opened B2B vertical, where pet product producers sponsor challenges or advertise on our platform. Our vision is to become the one-stop app for dog parents. So you will need only one app in order to receive daily suggestions and ideas for activities with your dog. In the app you will be able to discuss, exchange tips with other dog parents, dog trainers, vets. Through the app, you will be able to book dog services like walking, grooming, sitting or purchase products like food, toys or search for dog-friendly places or hotels around you. Dogs are becoming an ever stronger part of our lives and we want to provide the best care to them. Dogo is on the mission to strengthen the bond between people and their best friends.

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Berlin, Germany
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