eGym combines latest machine technology, powered by German engineering, with the advantages of connected mobile applications to deliver intuitive and effective workouts with more fun and data-driven member support. In addition eGym also supports Corporate Fitness offering easier access to gyms for employees in order to stay fitter, be more productive and less absent. In only a few years of strong growth, eGym developed to one of the major players in the European fitness market, implementing its technology at leading fitness chains and franchises.

Primary Company Info

Munich, Germany
Year Founded:
Company Segment:
Hardware,Vertical SaaS
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NC Company Overview

eGym is a technology company that focuses on helping gyms and fitness businesses provide a better user experience and become more profitable. By creating cloud-based solutions that can connect to equipment in gyms, it provides trainers and gym managers with the data gathered from these machines. This can help gyms to optimize how their equipment is used as well as give members great insights into their own performance and progress. Apps provide both trainers in partner gyms and gym members with access to the data relevant to them. The software provided by eGym can be branded to suit the gym and can be connected to equipment regardless of manufacturer, due to the mechanical nature of most strength training equipment. However, eGym also produces its own precision engineered gym machines with built-in connectivity to eGym cloud systems. eGym, based in Munich, Bayern, Germany has been operating in the fitness sector since 2011. eGym is used by gym companies as well as other related businesses like physical therapy practices all over the world. The company aims to support both the end users – gym members – and the businesses that serve them in the fitness sector. It also provides solutions that support things like corporate fitness programs.

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