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Global education marketplace where users can find, compare, access reviews and enroll directly on lifelong education online and offline courses offered by the best education institutions


Emagister is a global education marketplace. What Emagister offer to individuals?: 1.- The largest education offering: with +73k education providers and 2m+ courses offered they can be sure to find the best courses. 2.- Find, compare, access reviews and enroll: our matching algorithm finds the most suitable course for the prospective student and we also make available rankings, reviews and Q&A with other students. 3.- Career and skills guide: through our partnerships with online job boards we made available the best job offers and internships that match the skills that the students are demanding and learning about What Emagister offer to education institutions? 1.- Enrollment Services: we fill their classrooms with the most suitable students offering lead-generation, transactional and direct sales solutions. 2.- Branding and Agency Services: we create a long-term and multichannel strategy to help education institutions to position their brands and course offering worldwide 3.- Market Intelligence Services: we make available our big data and knowledge to help them to adapt their offering to the education market trends

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Barcelona, Spain
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Emagister is a training and education portal that aims to help students and course providers to connect. Emagister has built up the largest directory of courses available in Europe and beyond so that whatever somebody is looking to study, at whatever level, they will be able to find the options available to them on the Emagister site. It includes both online and offline courses, allowing potential students to search for colleges close to them that offer the study path they are interested in, or to look at worldwide online solutions. As well as providing detailed information about course content, enrollment and pre-requisites, Emagister also shows reviews from thousands of past students, to help users make the right choices when it comes to their education. Emagister partners with some of the leading educational companies, colleges, and universities in the world, who are able to use the portal to attract new students and connect with a wider audience. Emagister, based in Sant Cugat Del Vallas, Catalonia, Spain, has a global outreach with courses and partners all over Europe and South America included. As of May 2019, Emagister has offices in both Barcelona and Madrid in its native Spain but also has operations in the UK, Italy, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Germany, India, and Argentina, among other international locations.

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