The company was founded to help people build their technology visions without having to become an engineer or hire a team. We are everyone’s engineering team, allowing any person -- regardless of resources or technical expertise -- to bring their software ideas to life. We use AI to custom-build software by bringing together frequently used features and the best global human talent. By connecting AI and human teams, we use automation to streamline the process, and reduce cost. Our customers don’t pay for code that’s already been built -- instead they only pay for what’s unique and needs to be customized.

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Los Angeles, United States
United States
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NC Company Overview is an artificial intelligence system that works with human assistance to help users develop technology products using a virtual engineering team. uses a revolutionary AI called Natasha to make building things like apps, software, and physical prototypes of tech products as easy as ‘ordering a pizza’. Essentially, using the processes within’s builder, people can choose the base and features they want for a product, and have it managed and built by a network that includes 31k real human developers and engineers, with everything driven by the specialized AI. This can allow bespoke systems, apps, and products to be taken from design to completion, without the user ever needing to actually work with a developer. This can rapidly cut down costs and speed up project completion, making bringing new tech products to life an accessible option for more people than ever before., based in San Francisco, California, USA, was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs who were friends and had worked on tech businesses together since meeting as students at Imperial College in 2001. As of May 2019, has been used by many household name brands, including Apple, SAP, Vans, Juicero, Beats, Nike, and many more.

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