Epidemic Sound is a global technology company disrupting the music industry. Epidemic was founded in 2009 by five Swedish entrepreneurs on a mission to enable music to flow freely and fairly. Come Soundtrack the World with us.

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Stockholm, Sweden
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NC Company Overview

Epidemic Sound is a digital music company designed to offer music that can be used for video soundtracks. With more and more people and businesses now creating video content for YouTube, for their own websites, and for other types of distribution, Epidemic Sound recognizes the need for easy access to fully licensed, high-quality original music that can be used in video creation. Epidemic Sound works directly with its composers and has full ownership of the music that it makes available, meaning that when users subscribe or buy a license for a track, they can use it with confidence that they have full clearance to use it on any platform, in any market, forever. Epidemic Sound, based in Stockholm, Sweden offers users flexible options by allowing them to license tracks individually, or to subscribe for unlimited music use – making for a highly cost-effective option for people who make a lot of video content for any purpose. As of May 2019, Epidemic Sound can offer its subscribers access to a library of well over 30k music tracks, with exceptional sound quality suitable for broadcasting. Users can browse over 180 musical genres to discover just the right sounds to accompany their productions.