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Phones as a Service - everphone makes sure no company will ever buy a phone again. Everphone thus saves 30% of ressources, provides full data security and makes employees happy by giving them the phone they want

Company Overview

Everphone provides "Smartphones as a Service" for enterprise customers. Everphone saves companies on average 30% of cost, guarantees data security (GDPR) and makes employees happy by letting them choose the device they want and making sure they can privately use it. That makes companies happy because they save money, it makes employees happy because they get a phone they want and see as a benefit and it makes the world happy because everphone doubles the active lifetime of the smartphones. Everphone specialized on B2B, taking care of everything - from roll out, to mobile device management, repairs, upgrades and flexible return of the phones.

Primary Company Info

Berlin, Germany
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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