With the help of an international community of volunteers, we develop open source software that millions of people use every day to have a better online experience. Our flagship product Adblock Plus has over 100 million monthly active users (MAUs). It puts users in control over the kind of content they see online. Beyond that, we build software that encourages positive, informative advertising and privacy protection practices.

Primary Company Info

Cologne, Germany
Year Founded:
Company Segment:
Privacy Protection,Display & Retargeting
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NC Company Overview

eyeo is a tech company that develops ad blocking extensions for desktop and mobile browsers, and also strives to help advertisers use approaches that are more respectful and appealing to web users in their online campaigns. It owns and maintains the popular AdBlock Plus software, which is available for many desktops, smartphones, and tablet browser versions. eyeo, based in Cologne, Germany, traces its history back to when AdBlock Plus was first developed as a browser extension back in 2006. It quickly became the most popular extension for Firefox on the market. In 2011, the original developer, Wladinir Palant, teamed up with Till Faida and they decided to turn Adblock into a business that aimed to change the way both users and advertisers experience the web. This is when eyeo was created as a German registered business. As well as the Adblock Plus solutions, eyeo also started the Acceptable Ads initiative. This is a concept based on research that has shown that the vast majority of web users don’t mind ads when they are browsing, if they are not noisy, irrelevant, and don’t get in the way of what they are trying to do. Advertisers can apply to join the initiative and ads that comply can be whitelisted.

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