Farmako GmbH is a research-based pharmaceutical company based in Frankfurt. The company focuses on the distribution of pharmaceutical cannabis and R&D in order to catch up on the research backlog in the field of pharmaceutical cannabis. In February 2019 Farmako has registered a patent for the biosynthetical production of over 180 cannabinoids. The artificially produced bacterium called Zymomonas cannabinoidis® is able to produce cannabinoids from glucose. This new method has the potential to terminate global shortages of pharmaceutical cannabis immediately and is bridging the gap between cannabis and pharma. Founded in September 2018, the company is already the leading independent European distributor for pharmaceutical cannabis. Farmako has branches in Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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NC Company Overview

Farmako is a German medical and pharmaceutical company that specializes in medical uses of cannabis. As the use of cannabinoids is becoming more widely legalized for medicinal purposes, Farmako aims to become the leader in delivering cannabis-based pharmaceutical products in every European region that creates a legal environment for cannabis to be used in this way. The company has a large research wing that looks to find new ways that cannabis can be used as a therapy for all kinds of different conditions, and over 100 medicinal uses for cannabinoids are already identified. Cannabis has been studied for medical use since the early 20th century, however, it is only now that it is becoming more widely used thanks to legal breakthroughs and researchers are able to catch up on the backlog of knowledge about its potential uses. Farmako is certified for wholesale distribution of medical use cannabis products, and this means that it can provide high-quality therapeutic cannabis which is standardized for things like dose and purpose. Farmako, based in Frankfurt, Germany, also has locations in London, England, and Copenhagen, Denmark. It reached its first ten major pharmacies within just ten days of its formal launch. As of May 2019, Farmako has the largest medicinal cannabis distribution deal in Europe and is the first European business of its type with a strong focus on medical research and therapy development.