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We are building the leading audio streaming platform for female pleasure.

Company Overview

femtasy the largest streaming platform for sensual audios for women that sparks female sensual fantasies to intensify female pleasure is out to raise a EUR 3.0m Series A to build up an internationally trusted female brand based on a scaling paid content model. We reach ca. 100k unique users per month by offering more than 850 audios on ~100 fantasies spoken and produced by male and female voice actors. We are 100% audio, 100% female empowerment – our mission is to unleash female pleasure with a deep understanding of their needs. We are an audio content production house with currently more than 100 exclusive content creators as well as a technologically driven start-up with a focus on being a state of the art streaming provider. We believe in the power of B2B cooperations, especially in regards to the combination/synchronisation of smart sex toys and our content. Launched in Jul 2018 our unit economics are highly attractive with CACs below 6 €. We follow a paid content model generating almost 90% of revenues with recurring transactions. The founding team Julie and Michael have a proven track-record in the digital space. The team raised 0.7M € in seed capital, a Series-A for 3M € should now boosts internationalization and scale customer acquisition.

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Köln, Germany
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