Heller founded FinCompare in 2016 to change the way SMEs find, compare and close the right financing solutions. He experienced how broken the market is during his previous startup where he was looking for working capital solutions. FinCompare is an online loan facilitator. After a brief application, the company matches SMEs and appropriate lenders within the FinCompare network. After 9 months the company closed partnership with over 200 banks, fintechs and other alternative lenders.

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Berlin, Germany
Year Founded:
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Banking Fintech
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NC Company Overview

FinCompare is an online marketplace that aims to help small to mid-sized businesses compare and arrange financing. Start-ups and other SMEs can use the comparison service and advice from FinCompare to gain access to the same excellent financial products larger companies usually get to enjoy and can find the right options for their needs when it comes to all kinds of business financial products. The first step is to run a search on the site for the type of financing the client is looking for, and then it is possible to compare all of the options suitable from the offerings of FinCompare’s partners. Once a solution has been chosen, the financing can be applied for and completed through the FinCompare site, giving the business quick access to the money they need. FinCompare itself is neutral and independent of any lender, so the advice and support offered is always in the customer’s best interests. FinCompare, based in Berlin, Germany, was founded by Stephan Hellar in 2016. As of May 2019, FinCompare has around 60 employees, including people from 15 different countries around the world. It has over 200 lenders, banks and financial institutions among its partners, including major brands in the German market such as Credit Shelf, ABS, Bibby, Commerzbank, Grenke and Berliner Volksbank.

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