FinLeap was founded in Berlin in the summer of 2014 by HitFox Group and Ramin Niroumand as a company builder specialized in Fintechs. FinLeap serially develops Fintech companies, supporting them with strong infrastructure and guiding their growth. 13 ventures have been brought to market, providing services for private and corporate clients. The FinLeap ecosystem includes, for instance, FinReach, which offers among others a solution for switching bank accounts; PAIR Finance, a solution for digital debt management; Clark, a digital insurance broker; and solarisBank, a digital platform with a full German banking license. Each venture is raised on a solid FinLeap foundation that provides not only seed funding from €0.5 million up to €5 million but also a strong network of investors, an integrated development platform and advice on best practice processes. In addition, the company builder provides contact to experienced businesses, clients and top talents in the industry. FinLeap’s team is made up of over 500 employees from more than 35 countries.

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Berlin, Germany
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NC Company Overview

finleap is a company builder which focuses on creating new fintech businesses to operate in the European market. The company helps its startups to recruit talent, find the right investment, and it plays an active role throughout the whole lifecycle of each new enterprise. finleap, based in Berlin, Germany, also has an office location in Milan, Italy. It was founded by HitFox Group with Ramin Niroumand, in order to create businesses that can help bring more innovative financial solutions to the European market and help fintech in Europe to stay competitive with the rest of the world in terms of what technology can offer to financial businesses and consumers. As of May 2019, finleap has already developed 16 companies and helped them to enter the market. These include ELEMENT, which is a fully digital insurance company, Finreach Solutions and Infinitec Solutions, which are B2B 2X platforms for contextual finance, solarisBank, which is a banking platform that is unique in that it was the first of its kind to hold a full banking license, and PAIR Finance, which offer receivables management solutions powered by data. The finleap Group itself has over 700 employees, including people of more than 60 nationalities.

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